Infolive's mission is to provide Indian businesses with the right information and leverage technology to eliminate barriers between businesses and their customers as well as problem-solving.


Infolive is a business information portal where local businesses can list themselves so that people in their city can easily and quickly find the right business for their needs.

Infolive apart from being a business listing portal provides rich listings and a user experience that today's digital natives want! Millions of businesses have taken the lead on Infolive to build their online identity, connect them with customers across India, inspire people and improve revenue.


Indian business directory list

If you are registered as a member through the Infolive portal, you can reach out to customers interested in your products and services with targeted promotions and content online when they have the opportunity to search for keywords. Not only that, your Infolive listing is the center of your online reputation as it consolidates user reviews and helps customers choose your business over your competitors!


InfoLive is a website consultancy committed to providing excellence in client service. InfoLive has the potential to draw from an experienced base of personnel while maintaining a personalized form of business interaction.


The ultimate in mentorship, skill diversity, and adaptability to meet customer expectations, making your site attractive, functional and successful is the great strength of InfoLive in person with no internet experience.

That too is promoted from the front by Infoline.

Resources and Availability Environment, Multimedia, compatible hardware, with the newest in software, helps to make sure that the very best quality sites are designed.

Team InfoLive is widely acknowledged together with Inspired Internet specialists. Aspects of the location Development from design to programming to marketing. From the online Design Business Kit by InfoLive. Web designer InfoLive is that the main designer who would complete the planning component of this site. InfoLive also will be liable for the coding of the location in such how on increase program rankings.


This will include placing keywords within the site 'meta tags'. Graphic Design Work would even be minimal thanks to the graphics already available and therefore the nature of the location. Of course, the overall feel, navigation, and 'look' of the location are completed in close consultation with you. The time loading of the location (how long for the image to return onto the pc screen), also as browser review (can the location be viewed by the vast majority of computers?), would be undertaken by various Internet users throughout India.

The loading time of the website onto the pc screen may be a major factor that's reviewed. Once the location is completed, the InfoLive team reviews the location from many various angles. From navigation to simple contact to time loading - every possible angle is reviewed to make sure maximum functionality of the location. This ensures the highest possible viewing rate.

E-commerce website development and design by Infolive

Over time, the website has evolved from not just a source of data to a medium of communication, advertising, marketing, and global commerce, but traditional websites have also transitioned into a new era in the form of e-commerce websites/web applications.

Our teams are specialized in creating dynamic websites that serve the following:

E-Commerce / Web Store Membership / Membership Based Websites Classifieds & Community Websites Social Networking Websites Email Solutions Business Websites

We also provide consulting and development services for custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We at the same time strongly believe in providing complete solutions to them.

Therefore, our clients avail the following services on each project:

Communication - Be it gathering requirements, providing daily or weekly updates, or simply discussing new ideas, we ensure that we work closely with our clients to ensure that the product is precisely made precisely to the specifications provided Can go

Prototyping - With a really quick turnaround, we provide web design options for the selection, the layout of project screens to ensure clients can visualize the final product even before starting development. It also ensures that we remain on the same page as our customers.

Website Development and Architecture - All our code is designed to comply with international standards. Our projects are developed on a multi-tiered framework to ensure that projects are more hospitable change and scale easily with a growing audience.

Infolive takes full care of security that all the applications we distribute are secure and protect the interests of both our customers and end-users. infolive has a primary focus on security in more sensitive areas of the application such as the interface with payment gateways.

Marketing and Social Network Integration – Along with web marketing techniques that employ social networks as a key area to advertise services and gather audiences, we also see social networks in projects from both a technology and business strategy perspective. We consult with our clients to adopt and plan integrations.

Reports - Our CMS-powered websites are launched with comprehensive MIS and reporting capabilities. In addition, there is a strong focus on the indian business directory list keywords for businesses and professions. Leveraging existing technologies, we help our clients generate visitor trends, perform website content analysis, etc.

Administration (Self Help) - Our projects are delivered with an in-depth administration panel. It allows customers to switch device configurations such as adding more content, more categorization, managing visitors and users, sending emails/newsletters, checking website economics, etc.

Website Design

Websites have transitioned from a luxury to a business, to become a necessity. They are useful for a corporation to establish a worldwide presence and reach entirely new markets. Websites enable businesses to connect with customers, potential employees, business partners, and even investors.

Most companies are already online, so having an Internet site isn't necessarily enough.


A website today is the first impression a visitor will make about your business. It is equally important to have an honest website design with regularly updated content. It is best for businesses to showcase their values, highlight achievements, showcase their work, and provide an opportunity for people to connect with them.

Build a web presence - Our web design industries are themed to match the company's existing branding. Along with a well-designed homepage, we provide separate web pages to showcase each and every product/service offered by the company.

Design Selection – We provide multiple web design templates so that a business owner can choose between a proliferation of options before going ahead and building a website on the selected theme.

Hosting Support - We deploy and configure the website on a recommended website hosting service to ensure an end-to-end solution. This gives our clients ample time to create website content.

Branding - We also provide branding services to place the brand of the business in presentations, stationery, etc. This helps maintain uniformity of design across all marketing tools employed by the business.

E-brochures - We manufacture marketing aids like e-brochures which can be distributed through other online means like email, file sharing tools, etc. This can help businesses to spread the website faster and get more visitors to their websites.

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